Concept Data Display Ltd in partnership with Trade Fixtures to supply self-serve gravity system in the UK & Ireland

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As the world becomes more aware of the impact single use packaging has on the environment, bulk foods are becoming an ever increasing and popular option as a merchandising solution for many retail suppliers and consumers.

The challenging nature of displaying bulk food and products means gravity and scoop dispensers offer a cost effective and innovative solution to Eco-friendly merchandising.

Due to the ongoing efforts to reduce waste, Concept Data Display Ltd are proud to announce an agreement as sole distributor of industry leading dispensers by Trade Fixtures in the UK & Ireland.

Trade Fixtures have been manufacturing self-serve merchandising dispensers for over 30 years - revolutionising the way consumer shop!

Self-serve dispensers are a user friendly, clean and efficient method to display goods in an attractive and eye catching manner.

Here at Concept Data Display Ltd; as a market leader in the retail display and solutions sector, we are always looking to evolve and reduce the environmental impact we have and offer solutions to our customers. Having recently introduced our Enviro 2 – Eco friendly ticket rail to the market, we are pleased to offer this new way of shopping into the retail sector, be it Supermarkets, Organic Food stores, Tea & Coffee shops, Pet Food stores or the food Service sector. I am sure we can all agree it is time to stop sending so much unnecessary packaging into landfill!!

Concept Data Display Ltd now offer a complete range of gravity & scoop dispensers for dispensing bulk food products or other loose non-food products. From a single dispenser to full store installation service.